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Experience the Best Beauty Training

Training is a teaching and learning activity with a purpose of imparting skills and knowledge. However, in order to be the best training providers, we need to excel in areas that support the training. Infrastructure, qualified trainers, learning materials, teaching aids, location, used products, industry link are just to name a few of them.

At TBL, we take immense pride to share that we have all the needful aids that make us the best beauty trainers in the country. We are located in the most convenient area of the capital city that is easily assessable to everyone. Apart from that the infrastructure and studio setup matches the facilities of international standards. Our in house team (trainer) are internationally certified and experienced along with the guest trainers from abroad, who frequently visit and facilitate our learners.

As associated with some of the biggest brands of the world, we use only branded products while providing training. Not just that we have policies to support our learners even after they have completed their course with us. Our industry links help them to get placement as soon as they finish their trainings.
With courses of international standards and recognition, international affiliation, ongoing support throughout the course and throughout the career we have placed ourselves as the best training providers nationally.

Beauty is for Everyone

“Beauty” is not just a word, it’s a feeling. A feeling of self-worth: a feeling of self-love: a feeling of confidence. Every creature in this world is beautiful, however we humans have the consciousness to appreciate beauty. At TBL we understand that Beauty should not be limited to just a few, we all should understand, appreciate and have the knowledge to enhance ourselves.

Though an expert is generally a person with extensive knowledge on a particular subject matter or occupation, nevertheless, when it comes to enhancing ourselves, we all should have the basic idea to do so. We provide training even to all those individuals who aren’t professional skin and beauty experts. For those individuals, who do not have enough time to visit the salon on a regular basis, yet would like to appreciate their gift, we can provide tailored short term trainings.

We believe in developing individuals who are knowledgeable about basic self-grooming, who understands using different types of makeup application techniques, painting nails, taking care of skin, creating Smokey eyes, braiding hairs, curling lashes, and likewise. TBL believes and promotes beauty for everyone.

From Individual to Beauty Expert

All individuals strive to become professionals in the long run. Be it related to medical studies, law, finances or anything else, however, one thing all professionals have in common is the notion to look good and to feel good in their own skin. We at TBL believe that the art of looking beautiful should not be passed on to limited hands, it’s a skill every individual should develop.

We should have the knowledge that helps us to understand the basic needs of our skin, hair and nails. They are our assets and based on the understanding we should at least be able to plan our daily self-care routine, just like we plan our exercise and diet.

TBL helps us, as individuals to analyze our own skin/hair and choose the most suitable products for it. Learn make-up techniques that will add a touch up of confidence, whenever and wherever required. The busy schedule does not allow us ample time to invest hours in a salon, but we can build our own expertise and get acquainted with up-to-date cosmetic lines and beauty trends. At TBL we strive to help each individual to become an Expert of their own Beauty!